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Following the 2020 elections, the Fund awarded the bulk of its grantmaking funds to coalition-based efforts in our key states. Now, the Carry on the Fund Fund and Carry on the Fight Action Fund will infuse state and local advocacy and organizing efforts with supplemental funds to sustain momentum post-election and advance policies that will reshape our economic system in a way that works for people of color and working families.

The Carry on the Fight Fund is a national funder collaborative that seeks to balance political and economic power by supporting local- and state-based, people of color-led, multi-racial grassroots organizations with grant funding to sustain issue advocacy campaigns aimed at building worker power, increasing community control of economic resources, and reducing inequality. We are issuing a Request for Proposals to identify organizations with clear and compelling learning goals or hypotheses around expanding the impact of their organizing and governance approaches.

Geographically, the Carry on the Fight Fund is focused on grassroots power-building in Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

The Carry on the Fight Fund plans to award approximately $570,000 (up to $525,000 in c3 funding and up to $45,000 in c4 funding through the Carry on the Fight Action Fund) through an open Request for Proposals process early in 2021 to groups working to innovate on governance and accountability approaches and experiment with organizing strategies that deepen and expand leaders’ commitments and capacities over time, from one electoral or campaign cycle to the next.

The grant periods will be 12 to 15 months and range from $25,000 – $125,000.

Broadly, we aim to increase grassroots groups’ political power, augment their ability to secure wins over time, and supercharge organizing and recruitment strategies to strengthen and expand base leadership. Through this Request for Proposals, we hope to identify organizations with clear organizing and power-building strategy hypotheses and goals they seek to test and learn from.

Examples of innovation and capacity building might include, but are not limited to:

    • Better ways to connect election-year field organizing to issue advocacy campaigns;
    • Developing new approaches to building collaborations and working relationships with elected officials, appointed officials, and bureaucrats;
    • Advancing long-term strategies and campaigns in partnership with other community organizing, social movement, or constituency-based organizations;
    • Examining the relative efficacy of different on/offline organizing activities, teams, or campaigns—which teams or organizing programs develop, retain, and deploy the most leadership capacity within your organization? How do you know?;
    • Creative ways to delegate organizational responsibilities through clearly defined roles, team structures, or other means in ways that engage more and different leaders;
    • Experimentation with organizational design structures that balance centralized and decentralized decision-making and strategizing through the formation of smaller unit structures or other means;
    • Identifying better ways of understanding and learning from the network effects of different organizing and mobilizing approaches or activities;
    • Campaign plans and strategies that include a deliberate focus on policy implementation (beyond the win) or coordinated inside/outside efforts;
    • For organizations with significant voter engagement capacity, new ways of combining strong electoral capacity with issue planning and issue campaigns off-cycle; and
    • Policy agendas or campaign strategies that include structural economic reforms or direct challenges to control or reconfigure economic power.

Applications are due at 11:59  PM ET on Monday, March 15
. Once an organization creates a profile, it We plan to select and notify grant awardees by Friday, April 16.

Interested applicants should create a profile in the application portal and then search for “Carry on the Fight Fund RFP” and/or “Carry on the Fight Action Fund RFP” for separate c3 and c4 applications.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact [email protected].

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