Each election cycle, once the votes are tallied and the winners are confirmed, all the momentum leading up to that moment comes to an abrupt halt. Funders often move on and take their resources with them.

After a presidential election, grassroots organizations typically lose up to 40 percent of their funding, forcing them to downsize staff and downscale outreach efforts which makes it tough to hold elected candidates accountable to campaign promises through issue advocacy.

This boom and bust cycle of support for grassroots organizing weakens the ability of local groups to build long-term strategies, retain talent, and push for critical issues affecting their communities. As a result, a handful of well-funded national organizations yield all the influence.

When this happens, workers lose their voice and local communities are left powerless to advocate for the structural economic reform needed to achieve income equality, economic mobility, and fair market choices.

The Carry on the Fight Fund gives communities the resources to implement policy change, hold elected candidates accountable to campaign promises through issue advocacy, and build communities’ long-term capacity following the 2020 election through strategies that might include grassroots base-building, decentralized decision-making process, public education, town halls, and digital advocacy among others.



ARe you ready to carry on the fight?