Supporting grassroots power building

Building power from the ground up to drive meaningful economic change

The Carry on the Fight Fund is a national funder collaborative that seeks to balance political and economic power by supporting local and state-based grassroots organizations with grant funding to sustain issue advocacy campaigns aimed at building worker power, increasing community control of economic resources, and reducing inequality.

The Carry on the Fight Fund is focused initially on grassroots power building in Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Our Approach

Right now, economic inequities and worker imbalance are at the forefront of public debate in this country, making this a critical time to seize momentum, drive structural economic reforms, and establish real economic power for the New American Majority (people of color, single women, and millennials that together comprise the largest portion of the American electorate) at the state and local level. The fund will strengthen the capacity of organizations to extend their impact beyond electoral cycles in support of larger systemic reform. The fund will give communities the resources to implement policy change, hold elected candidates accountable to campaign promises through issue advocacy, and build communities’ long-term capacity following the 2020 election.

Our States

The Carry on the Fight Fund will focus on four states that are ripe for swift policy action that will improve economic conditions for a large number of individuals and families. In each of these states, the New American Majority has strong potential to lead this charge.





Latest News

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